Best Herpes Support Forums on the Internet: Get Help 24*7

We all need someone who can understand us in difficult times. If you have recently discovered that you have herpes or dealing with it for more than 20 years, you need someone to listen to your story because you deserve it.

Online forums help you get in touch with people who have similar problems and stories as you. These forums make it easy for you to express yourself at every point in time. So you do not have to worry about anything, all you have to do is to join these herpes support forums and get started.

It is imperative to note that these herpes support forums are absolutely free and can help you in connecting with people who can help you in some way or the other. So now it is time to stop feeling lonely and connect with a world that is meant for you.

Hence, we are enlisting three herpes support forums below to help you join the best communities for herpes singles and HSV Singles.

Positive Singles

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Positive Singles is not just a dating platform, it is a community for herpes and HSV singles who can seek support from people within the community who can understand them. With over 1 million users, 20,000+ daily conversations and around 15,000+ daily active members, this community are one of the largest community for people suffering from herpes.

People here can share their stories, seek advice and learn so much from each other. These herpes support forums help in building bonds that are beyond the virtual world. There are several stories of people meeting each other offline after interacting over Positive Singles.

Herpes Support Forums

The uniqueness of this community lies in its content. Famous for its Positive Singles Blog, this platform posts several inspiring stories to help people with herpes to stay motivated. There is also various blog posts and threads on dating advice, discussions and latest trends.

Some of the latest and trending threads include – I love my body, moving forward, baby talk, no time etc. After the author posts a particular post, all the members can comment and express their views on the same.

In short, there is some useful content for every user that signs up!

Positive Singles Platform also has private chatrooms that can help users to talk to each other. People here can share anything with anyone they feel comfortable with. These chatrooms allow the users to openly express their queries and concerns in just a few clicks. There is no doubt about the fact that the world of internet and platforms like Positive Singles has made it easy for herpes singles to talk to people who won’t judge them or discourage them.

However, if you are thinking about the security of these chats and private data then Positive Singles ensures that all their website’s data is encrypted and well protected.

There is a team at the backend which does keep an eye on the data systems and its security.

With a platform that has something for everyone, Positive Singles has left a mark in the world by becoming a community that makes it easier for people to move ahead in their lives despite suffering from herpes.

This platform is a blessing in disguise for all those who want to love again, work again and fix themselves. If you know someone who is herpes single then do recommend this platform to them.

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If you want to be a part of an ever-growing community for herpes singles then honeycomb is just what you are looking for! With various sub forums, you can surely find some issues, causes, problems or discussion threads that you can relate to.

herpes support

All you have to do is to sign up for free and start interacting with the community. With more than 5,00,000 posts, 70,000 followers and 71,000 topics, there are so many questions and answers that can be of help to you!

Make sure that as soon as you sign up, you check out their “Just Signed Up? Say Hello Here!” A subforum to find people who have stories like yours. Another very famous subforum of the Honeycomb community is the “Connect with Other Hsv singles”. Here you would find the maximum number of herpes singles who are suffering from genital or oral herpes. So you can simply start discussing your problems here.

It is worthy to note that with a huge user-base, the honeycomb offline meetups are also very helpful. You can actually meet people around you who have the same problems and issues as you. This way, when sometimes all you need is a real person in front of you rather than the flashing screen, you can find someone you can relate to.

If you are concerned about the security of your data as honeycomb is an open and search indexed community then it is important for you to note that the honeycomb treats your security as their priority. Even after being an open community, the backend team of developers at honeycomb make sure to help you with the best of encryption technologies to safeguard your personal data.

It is hence one of the most secure and popular herpes support forums amongst the herpes singles and HSV singles.

Pink Tent by Dr Kelly:

This is one of the most famous herpes communities amongst women started by Dr Keller who herself was diagnosed with herpes at the age of 23. Her encounter with herpes made her write the famous book – Live, Love and Thrive With Herpes and eventually form a community for women suffering from herpes.

herpes support forum

The aim of this community is to help women who are not only suffering from herpes but also the social and mental stigma related to it. Although, even men can be a part of this community the number of men is relatively less than a number of women in the community.

If you are a fan of Dr Keller’s work and initiatives, then joining this community is no less than an honour as Dr Keller herself posts in the community groups sometimes.

It is believed that Pink Tent is one of the most targeted communities in the world for herpes singles and HSV singles. If you wish to be a part of this community, all you have to do is to sign up for free and interact with like-minded people.

The best part of the Pink Tent forum is that it has a few courses, blogs and podcasts to help its silent users with some astounding information content pieces which are inspirational, motivating and highly informative.

The Pink Tent community also organizes various meet-ups which can help you meet your community peers offline.

Herpes Opportunity Support Forum:

With 70,000 posts and 10,000 topics, Herpes Opportunity Support Forum is once again a growing community of herpes singles across the world. The tagline used by the forum which is – It is not a Deal breaker, It is an Opportunity helps users to see the other side of the story.

The forum tries to help the users to see herpes as an opportunity to rediscover themselves. With subforums like motivational quotes, love happens, moving forward and much more help you to find something relatable.

herpes support

All the subforums are of course open threads hence you can express your story quite openly. Also, the community is a great place to purchase some of the audio courses to help herpes singles.

Courses such as self-care, dating and relationship, having the talk and sex & intimacy can help any herpes single to live a fulfilling life without any self-doubt. Also, if you do not want to invest in the courses right away, you can download the free handbooks and E-Books to start with.

This was all about the three most famous forums for herpes singles and HSV Singles. It is important for you to make sure that you signup for at least one of the communities so that you can talk to many others like you.

Remember, herpes is just a medical condition which does not define you. You have all the rights to feel loved and this is the sole purpose of these forums. So join them now and make friends and form relationships that can help you curate a better life.

Make sure you win this battle with herpes.

All the best!

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