California Herpes Support groups – Meet HSV Singles Now

California Herpes Support groups

Looking for California herpes support groups? California is home to some of the largest cities in the United States, including Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. The larger population provides ample opportunity for HSV singles to meet others with herpes and share experiences, advice, and support. Local California herpes support groups are an excellent way to make new friends who understand your struggles with this challenging virus.

While meeting strangers at night might be fun occasionally, they are not ideal places to build long-lasting friendships with people with herpes.

Luckily there are several California herpes support groups where HSV singles can meet others like themselves on a regular basis — with much better results! Here’s a list of some of the best California herpes support groups to meet & date HSV Singles Now:

Best California Herpes Support Groups are listed below

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In the Bay Area, Bay Area Friends serves as a hub for people with herpes. Since this is a closed group, you should find out if you may join before trying to attend any events. However, the group is more relaxed because there are neither dues nor a hierarchical structure.

This group does not discriminate and welcomes people of all ages, nationalities, and sexual preferences. The emphasis is mainly on establishing new friends because this isn’t a dating service and doesn’t publish personal ads.

  • Meet some new friends

There are no membership cards, dues, or membership fees at Bay Area Friends; instead, you can participate in a variety of entertaining activities that have been planned by other members just like you. We rely on our individual members like you to volunteer to plan events and activities that others might find interesting, such as happy hours, brunches, hikes, picnics, ski trips, beach parties, bike rides, museum tours, free Shakespeare events, kid-friendly events, dancing, ball games, surfing, snowboarding, camping, bowling, wine-tasting, skating, comedy shows, billiards/pool, concert, and more because there are no officers, social directors, dues, or budget.

Fresno H Friends

A private social group for those with genital herpes exists in Fresno called “H” Friends (HSV-1, HSV-2). They warmly welcome everyone over 18 who is eager to make new friends, engage in enjoyable activities, and connect with people in shockingly similar circumstances.

Fresno “H” Friends offers a variety of enjoyable events that are all planned by individuals just like you for FREE. There are no dues or membership costs. Fresno “H” Friends relies on individual members like you to volunteer to organize social events and activities that others may find interesting, such as happy hours, brunches, hikes, picnics, bike rides, dog walks, museum visits, dancing, sporting events, bowling, wine tasting, comedic performances, games of pool or billiards, kid- and family-friendly activities, concerts, motorbike journeys, supper movies, etc. Additionally, feel free to organize an event if you’d like to see more that aligns with your interests.

Central Cali H Friends

Welcome to Central Cali H Friends! This website was initially created to support the Fresno Herpes Social Group. But it has now become a one-stop hub for herpes information for the whole Central California region.

They are open to anyone over 18 who wants to meet people in a similar circumstance. Make new friends or participate in enjoyable activities with them.

They exist to create a setting where those of us who are “in the club” can gather and interact. To develop enduring “H” connections and to promote a sense of community, Central California H Friends was founded. They assist you in learning how to take care of your body, which increases the likelihood that the sickness will remain latent.

Los Angeles Help

The goal of the support group Los Angeles Help is to assist people with herpes in becoming more socially adept so they may better manage their condition. Small-group discussions, films, and lectures are all possible at these gatherings. However, we have a Medical Advisor who is a doctor. Most of our members are volunteers who experience the same difficulties dealing with herpes.


This club is a California-based group that focuses on social activities. This group plans a variety of local events and social gatherings. It is intended just for those who are over the age of eighteen and is not a dating service. There are no membership costs or dues associated with this organization. They provide a welcoming environment for anyone living with herpes.

Oklahoma H Friends


In California, as in every other state, herpes is a common sexually transmitted infection. There are an estimated 175 million people with HSV-1 (oral herpes) and HSV-2 (genital herpes) worldwide. It’s no surprise that so many people in California are looking for ways to meet HSV singles and support others living with herpes. We hope you will join the above-mentioned California herpes support groups. Meeting new people with the same interest will definitely lead to a happy relationship. So all the very best.


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