How to maintain a safe relationship with herpes?

relationship with herpes

If you are dealing with herpes, you will know that you have to avoid having a sexual relationship during the outbreaks. The severe outbreaks can lead to transmission of the virus to your partner, which you will never want. But do not be afraid because it can lessen the risks related to if you follow certain things. Moreover, the partners who are dating HSV singles can also have a satisfactory relationship.

Also, take help from herpes support groups as they have all the answers to your questions. Relationship with herpes will be easy for the herpes singles and also the partners if they are careful. So here, you will learn how to maintain a safe relationship with herpes.

Can herpes end sex life?

Many people think that herpes will forever put an end to sex life. So they do not prefer to date people and decide to remain single. Although there is no definite cure for herpes, you will find several treatments to keep it at bay. Here is good news for you. You can still have sex. However, you need to be careful when having an intimate relationship with your partner.

Your doctor will give you some medications to take for your herpes condition. If you experience outbreaks quite often, your doctor will give you daily medications. You can take care to take the doses daily to prevent frequent outbreaks. This will, in turn, allow you to have sex with your partner. Take care to have productive conversations with your partner about your condition. You can seek help from the herpes support group to connect with people going through the same phase as you.

When you find a partner who perfectly understands you, then follow some steps to prevent infections. As you know more about your condition, you have to be careful when to have sex. So after you get diagnosed with herpes, there is no reason to feel that your sex life has ended. Through effective steps, you can have a great sex life with your partner and enjoy a good relationship.

How to keep your partner safe?

If you want to protect your partner from herpes infection, then you have to follow some steps as-

Avoid having a sexual relationship at the time of the outbreak

This is a very important step you have to follow because the possibility of getting infected is too high during an outbreak. You can talk with your partner about the risks and mutually decide to not have sex. This will help you and also your partner to have a trouble-free relationship without any issues. Most doctors advise herpes patients to follow this step as herpes outbreaks are the most infectious phase.

Utilizing condoms during the normal phases

If there are no outbreaks and if you think you are ready for intimacy, then do not forget to use condoms. This is also one of the things that doctors ask their herpes patients to follow. It will prevent your partner from getting infected. This is one of the safest ways the herpes patients can follow when they decide to have sex.

Openly talking with your partner about the condition

Letting your partner know about herpes condition is one of the best ways to stay safe. This will allow them to understand your needs and feelings. They will also learn about your condition and help you if you feel low because of it. Please share all the details about your issue and then know what they are feeling about it.

Tips for the partners of herpes singles

If your partner has genital herpes, you can check with a doctor if you have herpes antibodies. You can also listen to your partner if they are willing to talk about their condition with you. Try to understand them and help them to get better after an outbreak. They may feel depressed because of their condition, so you can talk consolingly with them to make them feel confident. You can follow important steps to safeguard yourself from the infection and talk with a doctor and your partner to have safe sex.

Let your partner know that you are enjoying your time with them. Work hard to maintain a good relationship with herpes your partner. If you are uncomfortable with having sex with your partner, then openly share your fears with them. They will understand.


Having herpes is not the end of the world. You will surely be going through pain. But do not make the condition lose the enthusiasm you have for life. Try to enjoy the little things with your partner. Spend a lot of time with them and talk with them. Take care when you are getting intimate and be considerate towards your partner’s needs also. Have a careful tab on the medications you take and fix appointments with your doctor when you feel it is necessary.

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