Know how to Date with herpes

date with herpes

Just started dating? Then you will be confused and anxious about how to go about in a relationship if you have herpes. Do some things have to be considered, like How to behave? What to say? What not to say? So here are some tips you can try if you want to date with herpes.

Slow and steady wins the date. 

It is hard to contain the excitement if you have asked your partner out on a date. However, it is good not to show all the excitement on the first few dates. You may talk only about yourself in your excitement, so why not relax and hear what your partner has to say. Just enjoy each other’s company on the first few dates. There is no rush to take your relationship to another level, but why not take the initial stages of the relationship as a benefit and discover more about each other. 

Broach the subject

You may not have talked about herpes on the first few dates, but you will have to after some months. Now you may be tempted to have a physical relationship with your partner. But before acting on it, you have to share your condition with your partner and hear what they have to say. Your partner may be understanding and will accept to stay with you and continue with the relationship. It is up to you to choose the right time but do it before you become intimate.

Be prepared for rejection.

All the daters in the world would have experienced the worst-case scenario where their dates might have rejected them. It is no new thing. You also may have to face rejections if you start to date with herpes. The person you are dating may hastily retreat if they find out that you have herpes. A true partner who likes to stay with you will certainly stay but if the partner wants to move, leave them. There is no point in making them understand. You have to expect these kinds of scenarios if you want to date with herpes.

Stay away from comparisons. 

Sometimes when dating, you may find yourself comparing your relationship with other couples. This definitely should not be done. You have to understand that your partner has accepted you for who you are as a person. You cannot expect your relationship to be like the others like yours is unique. If you truly love your partner, then you will never compare.

Communication is good 

Many of the experts believe that healthy conversations with your partner can lighten up the relationship. For small as well as large matters, conversations are important. You can open up about your feelings, even the inner feelings of your heart, with your partner for closeness and intimacy. Sharing all of the smallest details about your life will also help. Talk with your partner about your day at work or your family member. This will help you to focus on matters on the like other than herpes. You can date with herpes if you give importance to the other matters as well.

Know the positives as well as negatives 

If you want to date with herpes, you have to accept both the positives and the negatives. Sometimes getting a good relationship can take longer but never become sad as someone waits for a person like you. Now people understand the herpes condition and have good relationships where one or both persons are diagnosed with herpes. Although you may have to be careful during intimacy, you can have a satisfactory experience if you love your partner.

These are some of the practical matters you can follow if you want to date with herpes.

dating with herpes


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