Best Herpes Dating Sites in Virginia to Meet Herpes Singles
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Best Herpes Dating Sites in Virginia to Meet Herpes Singles

Online dating has helped countless singles meet their soul mates. Due to this, Herpes dating sites are also gaining popularity in Virginia. Dating is hard enough, especially when you have herpes and are lonely. There are many things to remember when you first start dating someone, especially if you have herpes.

If you’re looking for online Herpes dating sites to help you find a suitable partner, you should check out one of these five best Herpes dating sites in Virginia. Singles with Herpes in Virginia can find love, match, and support on these Herpes dating sites.

With the rising prevalence of herpes, it’s crucial to create an inclusive space where people can connect, bond, and build relationships without the fear of judgment. Through our diligent research and analysis, we’ve handpicked a selection of reputable dating platforms that have proven safe, effective, and conducive to fostering lasting connections. Whether in bustling cities like Richmond or laid-back coastal towns like Virginia Beach, these platforms are designed to help you explore romance with genuine singles who understand and embrace you for who you are.

5 Best Herpes Dating Sites in Virginia to Meet Herpes Singles 

Herpes dating sites offer a haven for Virginia residents living with herpes, providing them with opportunities to find meaningful connections and build lasting relationships. While each platform has unique features and advantages, they all aim to support and empower herpes singles on their journey to love and companionship.

1. Positivesinglesvisit button

Herpes Dating sites in Virginia

PositiveSingles is arguably one of the most well-known and trusted herpes dating sites in Virginia and worldwide. It has served the herpes community for over a decade, offering a safe and supportive platform for singles living with herpes to connect, find love, and build meaningful relationships.

PositiveSingles aims to contribute by establishing a community where others with similar circumstances may meet and form meaningful connections.

Robust privacy settings and the ability to remain anonymous until comfortable sharing personal information. They advanced search filters to find compatible matches based on location, interests, and more. Access a live chat feature, forums, and blogs to engage with the community and seek advice.

Herpes was by far the most often stated STD among site users. If you have herpes of any form, you will discover a robust community of individuals here to date and get support.

You may specify the strain you have on the website, making it simpler to get things done by ensuring the “difficult” questions are asked and answered. Individuals were addressed for each of the other STDs. For those who are interested, HIV was included.

2. MPWHvisit button

Herpes Dating sites in Virginia

MPWH is another popular herpes dating site that has gained traction among Virginia singles. This platform is exclusively dedicated to individuals with herpes, fostering a close-knit community of understanding and empathetic members.

Free to join and use essential features, making it accessible to a wide range of users. “Spark” feature for initiating conversations with potential matches. A supportive community where members can share their experiences and seek advice.

The site prioritizes privacy since most users don’t want anybody else to know they have the disease, just prospective singles they may meet. You can choose not to provide any facts you aren’t comfortable revealing. So you won’t have to give your last name or address.

The MPWH website is a fantastic place to connect and meet new friends and singles living with herpes. They provide a secure and welcoming environment free of stigmas and prejudice where you may meet individuals to date. Establishing a profile and using the app without going through a lengthy procedure or paying a fee is pretty simple.


Herpes Dating sites in Virginia

HSVSingles claims to provide a judgment-free environment for singles living with herpes to communicate and fall in love. The platform also intends to foster a dependable support network for Virginia herpes-positive singles.

You’ll probably be all right with a free account, but a premium subscription is the best option if you’re looking for genuine relationships.

HSVSingles provides one and three-month monthly subscriptions. If you are still deciding whether to pay for an extended period, the dating site offers a free 5-day trial.

The dating service also has an auto-renewal feature, so you can continue to chat without interruption. If you want to cancel your paid membership, visit the dating site’s Help/FAQ page.

Moreover, HSVSingles also welcomes lesbians and gays. After all, dating service is about finding love, regardless of illness, age, or gender.

4. Hwerks

Herpes Dating sites in Virginia

HWerks describes itself as a support group for persons with Herpes and HPV. Although dating and romance are two aspects of the service, your membership with HWerks provides much more. HWerks has verified profiles from Virginia State.

They provide community assistance to users through chatrooms, forums, hidden Facebook groups, and local support groups. The firm was founded in 2007 to assist people with Herpes and HPV to live whole lives, which can include long-term relationships.

HWerks does not enable you to join without first purchasing a subscription. This helps to screen out folks who need to be more sincere about becoming community members. For a one-time price of $56, they provide a lifetime membership.

HWerks controls the number of “lurkers” and inactive accounts since they do not provide a free trial or version of their service. Some online dating services show a large number of profiles, but many of them are inactive or false. HWerks makes every effort to eliminate these difficulties.

5. Meetpositives

Herpes Dating sites in Virginia

MeetPositives aims to guarantee that members never again require “the conversation” with a partner. To reduce the anxiety associated with reporting their STD status, they want users to be matched with others who also live with an STD. Meet herpes singles living in Virginia on this dating site.

While MeetPositives is not exclusively a herpes dating site like PositiveSingles, it does have a few aspects that set it apart as a viable choice for people entering the dating world while living with herpes.

Its most significant benefits are meetPositives’ private number calling, text messaging, and video conversations on mobile devices. You may get an anonymous phone number from Meet Positives using an affiliate website called Safe Connect. Use it to interact with other members covertly until you feel safe exposing your accurate contact information.

This website’s ordinary (free) edition lets you conduct a “living with” search, another appealing feature. This implies that while looking for possible mates. You may specify which STDs you are okay with them having.

By doing this, you may be sure that you will only be matched with herpes-positive members. Only paying members can access that feature on PositiveSingles.

High STD Rates in Hampton Roads, Virginia

The high rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Virginia, particularly in the Hampton Roads area, cause concern. According to the reported data from 2019, the number of cases of chlamydia and gonorrhoea per 100,000 people in the state is higher than the national average.

In Virginia, there were 566 chlamydia and 162 cases of gonorrhoea per 100,000 people in 2019. However, the numbers are much higher in the Hampton Roads area, with approximately 923 chlamydia cases and about 315 gonorrhoea infections per 100,000 people in the same year. The transient nature of the region may contribute to the increased rates of disease, as people moving in and out of the area can potentially spread infections more widely.

Furthermore, a 2010 CDC report ranked Hampton Roads among the top metropolitan areas in the U.S. for certain STDs. It was the second-highest for chlamydia reports and the third for gonorrhoea. Additionally, Eastern Virginia, which includes the Hampton Roads area, had the state’s highest proportion of residents living with HIV/AIDS, indicating a significant local epidemic.

It is crucial to address the rising STI rates in the region and promote awareness of safe sex practices and regular testing. The data highlights that young people aged 15 to 24 account for more than half of the reported cases, underlining the importance of targeted education and prevention efforts for this age group.


The herpes dating scene can be a bit tricky. There are tons of singles with herpes, and they’re looking for someone to share their memories and feelings with.

That is where these herpes dating sites help people to meet herpes singles, have a conversation, share feelings and emotions, and start dating each other. We hope your search for Herpes dating sites in Virginia has ended here and you will find your partner on one of these sites.