Texas Herpes Support Groups: Guide to Living and Dating with Herpes

Texas Herpes Support Groups

If you live in Texas, you’ve probably heard the term “herpes” at least once. The majority of people know someone who this virus has impacted. Herpes is most prevalent in US and Canada because infected people often don’t even know they carry it. However, Texas is not exempt from this virus either; if you look closely enough, there could be people in your life who have herpes.

Living and dating with herpes are hard enough, but the simple fact that most people get this disease without knowing it can make things even more difficult. Because of this, many people have come together to create a support group where they can share their stories and feelings about living with the herpes.

This article will discuss the top areas where you may meet potential partners living with herpes, including dating sites and apps, as well as social texas herpes support groups and clubs.

The top 7 Texas Herpes Support Groups are listed below:

Austin Help

 Herpes sufferers in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas can get assistance at Austin HELP. They are the Herpes Resource Center’s non-profit, local organization. Moderators must provide their consent for someone to join this group.

Austin HELP has monthly meetings on the first Tuesday, exchanging publications and other information before ending for dinner. Meetings are private and only open to persons with an HSV diagnosis and close relatives.

Austin H Friends

Herpes support and social groups may be found at Austin H Friends. This Yahoo group was created to notify people about upcoming activities in and around the Austin area.

Members of Austin H Friends offer sporadic monthly events in addition to the group’s five monthly events. This is where you should go if you want to meet herpes sufferers in Texas.

Austin H Friends membership requests must be approved. Review the membership terms listed below. You will receive a welcome letter with a quick rundown of their monthly activities as soon as your application has been accepted.

DFW Friends

People with herpes in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, region and its surroundings can get assistance from the DFW Friends group. For those 21 and older, DFW Friends is free.

The group doesn’t provide dating services, but it does hold meetings on the first and second Saturdays of the month in a laid-back, social setting.

Joining this group is free of charge. Members can be in any relationship and come from all different backgrounds. We are a good, amicable, and hilarious group of people looking to widen our social circle to have more fun and become closer to others.

Clear Lake H Friends

In addition to Galveston County and the neighbouring areas, Clear Lake H Friends assists Texans living with herpes in the regions of Clear Lake and Houston, Texas. Clear Lake H Friends hosts meetings, gatherings, festivals, and other activities.

No matter their age, colour, creed, sexual preference, or marital status, the group is available to anybody with a herpes diagnosis. Members also attend other herpes support groups’ activities.

The southern suburbs of Houston, including Galveston, Webster, Pearland, Alvin, Friendswood, Seabrook, Kemah, League City, Bacliff, Dickinson, San Leon, Santa Fe, La Marque, La Porte, Shoreacres, Pasadena, Deer Park, Manvel, Texas City, Hitchcock, Tiki Island, Baytown, and Channelview, as well as the Clear Lake area of Houston, are served by this group.

Houston H Friends

People with herpes residing in Texas can get help from Houston H Friends in Houston and the surrounding areas. This Meetup group is meant to assist people in staying informed of forthcoming events throughout the Houston Metropolitan Area. It primarily focuses on sharing social events for persons with herpes, also known as HSV. Those with HPV are also welcomed by this community (some of us have both).

Through enhanced communication, support, education, and encouragement of social gatherings. This website aims to help Houston citizens who are herpes and HPV-challenged get closer.

Sugar Land, Clear Lake, and Galveston are just a few places where we have events in addition to Houston and the Woodlands. Members also travel from San Antonio, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, College Station, and Beaumont to join.

Houston HELP

People with herpes in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas can get support from Houston HELP. The American Social Health Association is aware of Houston HELP and supports it (ASHA).

Every third Tuesday from 6:30 to 8 PM, the group meets at the Montrose Clinic. Meetings cover topics such as dealing with the physical effects of HSV and HPV, relationships, dating, and feelings.

For members who require it, the group provides information and support. Through Houston H Friends, Houston HELP disseminates news and bulletins to its supporters.

San Antonio H Friends

Those with herpes HSV1, HSV2, or HPV in San Antonio and the surrounding areas can join San Antonio H Friends, an organized social & support group. The American Social Health Association is a sponsor of San Antonio H Friends (also San Antonio HELP) (ASHA).

The club gets together many times every month for things like movies, birthday parties, tubing, and other events. They also have quarterly support meetings. Additionally, participants organize their ad hoc group activities. The San Antonio H Friends organization is nonjudgmental.

Why Should You Join Herpes Support Groups?

Texas Herpes support groups may be beneficial while coping with herpes, even though most individuals suffering from herpes are encouraged to consult a specialist therapist. A support forum for persons with genital herpes might be the ideal addition to consulting a doctor. Even if it’s one for males going through a divorce.

The advantages of joining Herpes support groups are many if you are experiencing loneliness and isolation. I have listed some benefits of herpes support groups below that can help you:

  • You connect with others who have gone through the healing processes and can advise you on how to proceed. Along with sharing your own, you gain knowledge from their experiences.
  • You have a place that is safe to express your emotions, whether they be ones of guilt, shame, annoyance, anger, anxiety, or despair. You can talk about the effects of having the virus on your life with others who can connect to and understand you in a herpes support group.
  • One advantage of having a new herpes family is that it lessens the urge for self-isolation.
  • You learn to have hope for a brighter future and realize that you can still find love, have sex, and date. Even if you have herpes by being in a social circle with others who have overcome the barrier associated with having the herpes.


The internet is the best place to meet like-minded people, but sometimes it can be hard to get through distance and language barriers. In Texas, there are many opportunities to connect and meet with HSV singles online. We hope this article helped you find the herpes support group you were looking for.



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