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The latest research says herpes virus goes On and Off

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Why herpes virus can’t be cured? It is one of the prevalent questions that every person infected with herpes will ask. Also, the curiosity subsists on the ones who are not going through with this disease at all. Herpes and problems associated with it are heavier for one to carry all along. Starting from 1960 to 2020, there is still no definite sign of vaccination to overcome herpes. Many statistics, reports, journals and innovation has been worked on, yet the milestone is far away. 

To show up with a solution is intricate and requires more research to happen and progress in the field. Today, if there is no full-proof solution for herpes, it is because of the propensity. It doesn’t stay in one state for a longer time and makes the vaccine less lively. 

Reasons why herpes can be removed from the body

Do not here on the discussions that revolve around with herpes and its treatment. It is always the research and facts that will tell you the truth. Let us first discuss the points as to why herpes is hard to cure.

Herpes virus is an artist 

What, are you kidding? How can a virus be an artist? It is the reality many reports have claimed the fact to be true. It is a particular virus, which can stay inside the nerves for a longer period of time. Now, if you are not getting good results, then this might be a reason behind. 

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The stages are versatile

With versatile, we mean herpes virus can live in two different stages. One is latent, while the other is lytic. The growth tendency of herpes is directly dependant on DNA. How well DNA is clutched on packed inside the body will determine the frequency of herpes. The development is also determined on DNA, and it is proved too.  

The meaning behind On and Off tendency of herpes

To understand this tendency, we must look through the working terminology of herpes virus. When the virus enters the body, first, it knocks the cells. Cells are inbuilt, to begin with, protective measures. Here, the cell covers itself with DNA such as proteins etc. for this period, when the cell has coverage; herpes virus goes to the sleeping stage. 

Now, if we see from the other angle, in case if the cell is unable to cover itself. It might happen if the immunity of the body is low. Now, the cell is free, which means herpes is all free to make a free entry and multiply. 

The work of the herpes virus is not only to enter the cell and multiple, but it is more than that. Slowly and steadily, it tunes genes and completely changes the working mechanism of the cells. In the initial stages, it is hard to calculate whether there is any virus in the body. It is because the symptoms of herpes take time to come into notice. 

What are the researchers doing to overcome with the herpes virus? 

There is no doubt that researchers are working day and night to create a robust solution or recovery solution for herpes. They have been working since the year 1960 with the same zeal. The process is time taking as the virus is very dangerous and life-threatening. It will take more time for a reliable vaccine to reach the herpes survivors. 

 Herpes can give one tough time and emotional downfall for sure. However, if you are strict about welcoming a healthy lifestyle even with this disease, then it is possible. Have belief in the researchers as they are endeavouring for the betterment, though it is time taking.