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Why can Herpes come close to you?


Herpes is one such virus that knows no manners. It might appear as a rude statement, but it is the reality. This virus can sneak into any human body through the skin and can make a home in it. People with herpes often think about the reasons why they got infected with this virus. Many explanations scuttle in mind, whereas the ideal one will be shared only when the herpes diagnosis reports come in. 

The major risk factors behind herpes virus attack 

There is no specific set of lists stating the possible rationales of one getting affected with herpes. Therefore, we have tried our best of efforts to share the prominent ones. 

Lack of immunity 

Yes, if your immunity level is not higher or standard, there are high chances of getting affected people with herpes. Virus-causing herpes holds a more significant risk for the ones with a lack of immunity. It happens because the virus gets a better chance to reactivate. A superficial infection is also a reason behind the spreading of the disease much faster. 

If you are on a steroid 

These days, people are much more into steroids and less

into exercise. It has become a daily deal, but coming to its after-effects, they are terrible. It is one of the severe doors, that lets the Herpes virus enter the body. Once the virus is, there is nothing to stop it from spreading. Therefore, if you are on steroids, keep monitoring it. 

I am not having protected sex.

Everyone in the world is aware of the deadly effects of unprotected sex. Many ignore the fact and make love. Most of herpes cases are the outcome of not having safe sex. No

matter what kind of situation you are in, it is better to get yourself and your partner under the safety net. 

Individual risk factors for causing herpes 

Sharing your personals

Here, we are not discussing your thoughts but your belongings. Only a few know this; items like mouthguards, toothbrushes, towels,s, etc., are the most dangerous items. Yes, it will speed up the flow of the virus and will let you down with the same. If you don’t want to fight people with the herpes virus, then stop sharing personal items. 

Mouth-to-mouth contact

In simple words, mouth-to-mouth contact can be attributed to kissing. Though kissing is the most romantic element of any relationship, it can transfer the Herpes virus quickly. It allows the virus to grow faster and not let you know its presence too. 

Stress hurting your body

Here, we have our eyes on the physical stress and not the mental ones. The time your body comes in contact with any tiny-miny virus, it shutters up the way for others too. It is an easy way to trigger the herpes virus, sleeping inside someone else’s body.

Recurrence of hormonal change

It is tricky to maintain an average immunity level, and at this moment, the reason behind hormonal changes is now and then. If this is happening to you, look for help. If you don’t look for solving this change, it will lead to fatigue, immunity downfall, and physical stress. Lastly, the herpes virus will get a better chance to stay in the body.

Talking about the risk factors that are walking towards herpes is indefinite. Here in this article, we have shortlisted the massive ones known for doing severe damage. Once you are aware of it, the

probability will go down with the lower stream. In short, you will stay under the umbrella with no fear of falling for herpes.