Why Do So Many People Have Herpes Virus?

herpes virus

More than three billion people are under the purview of herpes virus as per the latest reports, and the number is constantly escalating.

A frequent sexually transmitted disease impacting more than 400 million people globally is genital herpes. Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is the cause, and it is distinguished by lifetime illness and sporadic reactivation. A noticeable outbreak is characterized by single or many ulcerating lesions on the genitalia, perineum, glutes, upper thighs, or perianal areas. Initial infection symptoms could include fatigue, fever, or regional adenopathy. The following breakouts brought on by the latent virus reactivating are typically milder.

Transmissible viral shedding without symptoms is typical. The duration, intensity, and frequency of recurrences are decreased when initial and secondary outbreaks are treated with nucleoside analogs. Treatment reduces the likelihood of HSV transfer to uninfected partners in HSV positive singles. Acyclovir antiviral prophylaxis is recommended for women with a history of genital herpes from 36 weeks of pregnancy until childbirth. To lower the risk of neonatal herpes, elective cesarean section should be done on laboring women with active lesions.

Shocked! The figures might be tormenting and is the concern. We are sure; you must be thinking about why so many people are suffering from herpes. The reason behind such an outbreak is not one or two, but they are many. To understand the potential ground, it is vital to have a comprehensive discussion on the life of people with herpes.

It is common

The first thing that is responsible for the ever-increasing population of this virus is it is a common fertility feature. The infection is so common that it can now be found in almost every next person. Hereby, the persistent growth cannot be overlooked.

Lack of knowledge

Though the virus is running at a high speed, it doesn’t mean people have accurate knowledge about it. It might amuse you, but there are people who are not even aware of the name Herpes itself. Also, a lack of information over the net and on an offline level is also a robust factor here.

Unhygienic living condition

Herpes is common and is ready to attack anyone despite age, gender, and class. It means, it can be found in men, women, and even in kids too. Now coming to the point, the family hygienic condition is very important, if the attack of herpes needs to be stopped. It will restrict the growth of the virus up to a wider extent.

Unprotected sex –

It is one of the most potential reasons behind the mounting growth of the herpes virus. People in the heat of the moment forget to use safety measures during sex. Not only can this but having oral sex be a probable reason for causing herpes or transferring herpes from one body to the other.

Herpes is a virus that can be transferred through blood and saliva and sometimes when the wounds remain untreated or are open for a longer period of time. Therefore, everyone out there should take responsibility for their health, or else the results can be gruesome. Plus herpes singles must reach out to Herpes dating with a view to amplifying their knowledge about Herpes and can restart their romantic life by finding someone really special and worthy.