Everything You Need To Know About Herpes

herpes symptoms

If you have landed this article, then it is obvious that you know about Herpes with a lot of answers. This 2-minutes article will help you in understanding what causes genital herpes and what herpes symptoms are. In the end, herpes treatments are also discussed.

To start with, herpes spread due to unprotected sex or sexual activity. If your partner has herpes and you two get involved, the virus can spread in your body too. For a while, the virus may remain dormant. However, once it gets active, you start to see and feel the symptoms associated with it.

Note: Even if condoms are used while having sex, there are chances of the spread of the herpes virus as the virus might be resent in the area not covered by the condom.

Now moving on to the herpes symptoms, we have listed below the most common and easy-to-notice symptoms.

  1. Redness and itching around genitals. Sometimes the itching causes wounds that stay open and painful for a long time.
  2. There may be small blisters that might appear around your genitals (penis and vagina) or around your buttocks and thighs.
  3. One common symptom which is seen is women are pain while passing the urine.
  4. Headaches, backaches, and flu are also some common herpes symptoms.

Herpes Treatments

Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution for herpes. It cannot be cured but the herpes symptoms can be cured. The treatment will help you live a better life and have a sex life again. Also, it is worth noting that the help of herpes treatments makes the breakouts less frequent. As your body gains more immune against the virus, it tends to either stop showing up or at least get less painful.

We have covered herpes treatments in two parts.

1. Home Remedies:

There are various methods with which you can soothe the herpes symptoms like

  • Bathing in salt water
  • Applying Vaseline in the affected areas
  • Washing hands after touching the affected area
  • Not getting involved in sexual activities until the symptoms become dormant
  • Apply lotion after passing urine to soothe the area while it is pain

2. Medication

Doctors generally give antiviral medications such as acyclovir. As there is no full-fledged treatment for herpes, the doctors give you medications to lessen the severity and number of outbreaks you experience.

However, with time, you might not need medications at all as your body gains immunity.

We hope you got answers to all your questions about herpes symptoms and treatment. If you liked the above article, keep following our blog for more such articles!


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