Are You A Herpes Single? This Motivational Letter is for you!

herpes singles

We read many stories online of positivity and how people have fought herpes over the years. However, the battle is not that easy. Once you find out that you have herpes, it affects you in different ways. Every herpes single goes through the following emotions or questions:

  1. What is all going to change in my life?
  2. How will I come up with herpes medically and medically?
  3. Will people around me accept me as before?
  4. Will I be isolated?

Well, it is good that you are getting these questions. However, you need to get the correct answers too! Millions of people suffer from herpes outbreaks every year but do their identity ceases to exist? No!

Remember, herpes can affect your life only to the extent that you let it too! No medical condition can ever change anything for you or around you. So sit back with a cup of coffee and read this motivational letter to all the herpes singles out there!

Dear Lady/Man,

I hope you are doing fine. This letter is curated for you to tell you how special you are. Did you know? You fought with those millions of sperms to win the race of life. Then what is stopping you from winning now? Herpes is just a medical condition that is hitting millions every year. So you are not alone. There is a family of herpes singles which is fighting with herpes just like you!

So here is a reminder for you. Take care of your body a bit more. Take care of your mental health a bit more. Start sharing with people how you feel. Don’t fall for the good words; fall for a fantastic soul. You have all the power to love. So start your life with someone who understands that you are more than your medical condition.

Live your life!

Yes, the above letter is what you deserve. We are sending a lot of virtual hugs to you all. If you are a herpes single reading this, make sure you start to smile again and live your life to the fullest. There are so many dreams that you have to fulfill, so don’t waste your time overthinking.

Let the herpes outbreaks never break you!

If you are looking forward to meeting some herpes singles who are as unique as you are, then visit our home page for more information. And until the next time, stay strong!


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