STDs: Everything That You Must Know About It In 2020

know about STDs

STDs are spreading with lightning speed across the world. Hence, it is very important to know about their herpes symptoms and herpes treatment in and out. In this news release, we have gathered all the information you need to know about STDs in 2020.

To start with, below are the three types of tests that are quite common to determine STDs

  1. Blood Test: It is mostly done to check HIV at later stages.
  2. Urine Test: Some STIs can be detected with the help of a urine sample.
  3. Fluid Test: If you have any sores in your genital area, the fluids from those sores might be taken to diagnose the nature of the infection.

Taking about the screening process, the following groups must get their tests done regularly:

  1. People between the ages of 15-65: As this age group is sexually active, it is very important for them to get a test done 1-2 times a year.
  2. Pregnant Women: All pregnant women should get a diagnosis done for various STIs to be on a safer side and protect the baby in every way possible.
  3. Men having sex with men: It is seen that men having sex with men have a higher risk of catching STIs. Hence, regular screening is advisable.
  4. People with herpes: People already suffering from STIs like herpes should get regular checkups done in order to know the updates about their current situation.
  5. People who are sexually active: Being sexually active is absolutely amazing. However, it is important for you to get regular screening as the probability of catching STIs increases for those who are active.

Treatments for STIs:

  1. Antibiotics: There are several antibiotics available in the market which can be helping in curbing the symptoms of various STIs. This helps people diagnosed with STIs to live a normal personal, professional and sexual life.
  2. Antiviral Drugs: These medications help people suffering from HIV or herpes to get some relief. They are not a way to curb these STIs bit reduce the chances of them getting transmitted.

Being clear in your mind that you are going to fight STIs in every way possible is important.

So here are some tips that will help you in preparing for an appointment.

  1. Make a note of your symptoms
  2. Make a  list of medicines that you are taking as of now
  3. Talk to your doctor without hesitation
  4. Ask as many questions as you want to your doctor

This is all from our end. Hope that 2020 proves to be a better year for all those who are fighting with STIs.

Wishing you luck from team HSVBuddies!

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