STDs – Spreading Across US


Every day, more than 1 million types of curable STDs are registered in various hospitals and clinics as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO). However, when in-depth research was done,

The following four STDs were prevalent across the US.

Mycoplasma Genitalium:

Also known as Mgen, these bacteria grow inside the urethra and genital tract but show no symptoms. In men, these bacteria might cause some pain and swell in the scrotum and for women, it might damage the fallopian tubes & lead to infertility. Hence, it is very important for both men and women to get a regular checkup done if they are sexually active.

Neisseria Meningitides:

This is one of the most dangerous infections caused by bacteria. The symptoms of these bacteria are not very prominent however inflammation of the urethra is one common symptom found. Scientists are trying to find better ways to track these bacteria however oral sex is a common way of its transmission.

Shigella flexneri:

Generally caused by drinking contaminated water or not washing hands, this pathogen is also caused by rectal sex. The symptoms might include the worst diarrhoea.

Lymph granuloma Venereum:

These bacteria can lead to chlamydia. Symptoms might include a burning sensation while urination and having sex. It also leads to come uncomfortable discharge and blindness for that matter if left untreated for a long time.

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When thinking about some prevention for STDs like herpes, the following tips might help:

Always Use A Condom:

Herpes might not knock at your door before coming. In the case of STDs, prevention is always better than cure. Using a condom can always help you in avoiding STDs.

Regular Checkups:

If you are someone who is sexually active then it is very important for you to go for regular medical check-ups. This will help you in detecting any STD in its early states only.

Talk to Your Partner:

Always have a hard conversation with your partner. Make sure you know each other’s past and sex life before getting involved any further.

Consult A Doctor:

If you notice any symptoms, do connect with your doctor and get your checkup done. Do not wait for something big to happen.

In the US, it is noticed that the rate of STDs is quite high. The reason is early sexual maturity but lack of sex education. It is hence important for the whole STD/herpes community to spread more awareness amongst the younger generations.

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