Myths about Herpes to stop freaking out about

myths about herpes

Herpes is not a battle of the body; it is also a battle of the mind. This article presents some myths related to herpes. So stay tight while reading every myth being busted.

Make sure you read until the end!

Myth #1:

Herpes singles do not have a great sex life. This is totally wrong. You can talk to your doctor and partner about it. Also, always remember that being intimate does not mean sex, there are other ways to pacify your needs.

Myth #2:

Life changes after herpes breakout. This is totally wrong. There is nothing that changes after herpes. It is just a medical condition; do not let it define your life. Herpes singles can surely enjoy their life and have friends.

Myth #3:

Herpes makes a person weak. Well, this is another myth. Herpes is a medical condition where the symptoms are quite severe. However, with time, these symptoms can be treated properly and can cease to exist. Also with proper diet and care, an individual with herpes can live a healthy life.

Myth #4:

Only a sexually active person can have herpes. This is absolutely wrong. Doctors say some people can also get herpes with oral sex. Sometimes, people do not even get to know they have herpes. It can be caused by touching of skin and genital areas.

Myth #5:

People with herpes cannot date. Okay, this myth is the worst. Herpes singles actually have a great life as there are certain communities which help herpes singles to date and make friends. These communities also help people with herpes to deal with a lot of problems in their social and professional lives.

These are some of the common myths about the lives of herpes singles. If you are one of them, we hope this article has actually helped you! It is very important for individuals to understand that herpes is just a medical condition and it cannot ruin your life until you let it do so.

So the next time someone tries to lecture you about herpes symptoms and herpes breakout, tell them to keep quiet because no one knows and cares for your body as much as you do! As herpes single, it is very important for you to keep your lifestyle healthy and so does your mental state.

It is finally time to shatter some myths and realize the power of self-love.


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